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» » » African machete / knife from Ivory Coast 01
African machete / knife from Ivory Coast 01
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African machete / knife from Ivory Coast 01

-Machette 01

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African metal knife / machete, the blade is of German origin, it is engraved "Kotoko" in a drawing in the shape of a hedgehog and Made in Germany.

Horn and metal handle.

Leather scabbard


Machete dimensions: length: 41.5cm - width: 4cm - thickness: 2.5cm


Offensive weapons are used to attack and impress the opponent. Offensive weapons fall into several categories: handguns, throwing weapons, bows and arrows.


Among the wooden handguns are the club, the wooden throwing weapon and the wooden shock weapons.

Handguns with a metal blade: this type of weapon is, with some exceptions, designed for hand-to-hand combat. Axes, which are mainly used for splitting, ceremonial axes, bird-headed axes and adze. Straight or curved knives are objects of multiple uses. There are straight or curved daggers, straight or curved swords, short swords, sabers, sickle weapons, discoid knives and to finish throwing knives.


Throwing weapons, javelins, spears, harpoons and spears allow you to attack from a distance. Although their main function is to hit a target at a distance, these weapons can also have other functions. The javelin is light and is generally thrown, the lance, heavier, serves rather as thrusting weapon, the spear, of length clearly lower than the previous models, is used as thrusting, shock or dodging weapon. The harpoon always has a fixed or removable barbed point. Derived from hunting weapons, it found its way to the battlefields.

The last category is made up of bows and arrows, light weapons par excellence used to hit a target at very great distance. Probably designed for hunting, these weapons have found their place in the warrior's equipment. The crossbow only existed among the Fang of Gabon.

Obviously, with the introduction of guns that kill from afar, all of these weapons have been less popular. Nevertheless, the simplest models survived for a long time as hunting weapons, while the most elaborate were kept for prestige, ceremonies and cults.


Black African societies like all the others had a barter system before the introduction of money and they designed exchange standards for objects and food. Weapons or blades of weapons were used as currency or dowry.


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